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Change Projects

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Our Change Projects bring together a number of our Partners as a working group in order to explore common challenges and sector priorities. They gather existing evidence from research and compare their experience in practice to formulate responses, solutions, tools, materials and guidance to support improved practice.

We identify subject areas where there is little existing research or consistent agreed working practices in place. We then harness the skills of practitioners and experts within our network to look at how we can produce new support and guidance for the sector to use in order to improve performance. These resources and tools are intended to fit within existing frameworks and integrate with other working practices.

Because we’re looking at how to address large-scale concerns and challenges, Change Projects take between 18 months and two years to complete and launch the final set of resources.

The Change Project process is:

Phase 1: Planning

  • Identify the problem or topic.
  • Recruit a working group from within the Partner network.

Phase 2: Development

  • Collate and examine research, frameworks and practice already in existence.
  • Cross reference this with the experience and expertise of practitioners and the views of people accessing services.
  • Develop pilot materials, resources and guidance on ‘what works’.

Phase 3: Testing

  • Test the resources with a sample number of Partners.
  • Refine and finalise resources.

Phase 4: Implementation

  • Launch for use by the network and beyond.
  • Monitor and evaluate implementation and impact.

If you are a Partner and would like to know how you can get involved with our Change Projects, please contact ask@ripfa.org.uk.

Examples of Change Projects:

Change Project: Ensuring effective assessment on the frontline.

Change Project: Supervision


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