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Joint Children’s and Adults’ Leaders’ Forum hailed as success

18 Jun 2015

Research in Practice and Research in Practice for Adults joint Leaders’ Forum brought together strategic leads from across children’s and peoples sectors for discussion, debate and sharing information on community engagement, community resilience and building social capital.  

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Strategies for integrated care

02 Jul 2015

Sarah Robens is a social anthropologist by training, who has specialised in social research and evaluation and worked across a range of issues including international development, and mental health, as well as health and social care. She has a particular interest in how policies get put into practice, and is the author of our latest Strategic Briefing: Achieving outcomes through integrated working.

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Professional Development

Practice Tool: Supporting emotional resilience within social care practitioners

Hardcopy: £6.00

Emotional resilience is the ability to adapt to and ‘bounce back’ from difficult situations and can help individuals and teams to cope with uncertainty and stressful situations. These practical tools focus on the learnable skills and approaches that can be promoted and supported within the social care workforce. It includes practical exercises for teams, individuals and managers that can be used to improve practice and service delivery.

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Personalisation and Community Capacity

Customer Guide: What is community capacity?

Hardcopy: £0.80

This accessible guide provides a jargon-free explanation of ‘community capacity’ for a general audience. It explains the move from a world where many aspects of your community were the council’s responsibility to a world where many things are up to you, your family, friends and neighbours. This guide looks at the possibilities and challenges of this new world.

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