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[OTHER] Promoting emotional resilience in social work teams

Tailored Support workshop (one-day session) Emotional resilience is the ability to adapt to and ‘bounce back’ from difficult situations and can help individuals and teams to cope with uncertainty and stressful situations. This workshop focuses on the learnable skills and a

[OTHER] Coaching in Social Care

Tailored Support workshop (one-day session) In this workshop, participants will: Develop coaching skills in social care practice Equip participants with the skills of having co-active conversations with peers, practitioners and people Promote asset or strengths-based prac

[OTHER] Considering Carers

Tailored Support workshop (one-day session) There are 6.5 million carers in the UK looking after someone who is older, disabled or unwell, and both the Care Act 2014 and Children and Families Act 2014 (section 96) have placed new expectations on the provision of support for th

[OTHER] Developing professional curiosity

Tailored support workshop (one-day session) Professional curiosity is an emerging theme in the SARs and other reviews across the country. It has long been recognised as an important concept in Children’s Services, but is equally relevant to work with adults.  This workshop

[OTHER] Embedding human rights across social care

Tailored support workshop (one-day session) Providing practical examples of what rights based working can look like in practice, this workshop aims to build the confidence of practitioners in meeting the requirements of a range of rights based legislation. It will also draw th

[OTHER] Supervision Change Project

--> Management                             Support     Mediation                                  Development     ‘Make sure they are ok, so we are ok.’ (Feedback from adults and carers). Download all the Supervision

[OTHER] KSS for Social Work Practice Supervisors in Adult Social Care resource mapping

  About the Knowledge and Skills Statement Mapping Resource How to use the mapping resource Knowledge and Skills Statements by topic   About the Knowledge and Skills Statement Mapping Resource Mapping Research in Practice for Adults learning resources to the Depar

[OTHER] Relationship-based practice supervision

(Practice supervisors who have PEPS Stage 2 or PDE through externally moderated or quality assured programmes meet the requirements for this statement) 6.1 Practice supervisors should be able to critically reflect on and apply a range of relevant supervisory models which rec

[OTHER] Supporting good court craft

‘Court craft’ can be defined as the skills and knowledge required to assess, analyse and present information to court. This is different from ‘legal literacy’, a related term that refers to the ability to connect relevant legal rules with the professional priorities and

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