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[PUBLICATIONS] Personalisation and managing the market: Policy Scope (2014)

Policy Scopes
Published: January 2014

Please note that this has not been updated since it was published.Personalisation has had a significant impact on the market and created a conundrum for commissioners in terms of supporting the market to deliver the personalisation agenda while ensuring quality in that delivery.

[PUBLICATIONS] Developing effective commissioner and service provider relationships

Strategic Briefings
Published: February 2017

As more services are commissioned by local authorities within the context of reducing resources, it can be a challenging time for the relationship between commissioners and providers. This briefing examines the current situation, barriers and enablers, and how to establish collab

[PUBLICATIONS] Good practice at end of life for social care practitioners: Practice Tool (2017)

Practice Tools and Guides
Published: February 2017

When working with people and their families at the end of their life it is important that we work in a way that enables people to have the best possible experience of death. Practitioners can feel uncertain about what constitutes best practice and may need support to have positiv

[PUBLICATIONS] Safety Matters: Practitioners’ Handbook - Revised Third edition (2019)

Practice Tools and Guides
Published: May 2019

Safeguarding adults means protecting a person’s right to live in safety, free from abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation. It is about promoting individuals’ wellbeing and preventing both the risk of, and the experience of, abuse and neglect wherever possible. This

[PUBLICATIONS] Applying research to social care practice: RiPfA RPU 137 August 2018 (open access)

Policy Scopes
Published: July 2018

Research in Practice (RiP) and Research in Practice for Adults (RiPfA) have been in the business of evidence-informed practice for 22 and 13 years respectively. During that time, we’ve worked to bring together research messages with practice wisdom, making sure they are com

[OTHER] Working preventatively in adult social care

Tailored Support workshop (one-day session) In this workshop, participants will: Advocate for preventative working with users and carers Outline the legal and policy context of prevention Use research findings and other evidence to inform their decisions about working pre

[OTHER] Supervision and reflective practice

Tailored Support workshop (one-day session) In this workshop, participants will: Ensure that all functions of supervision are understood and applied in practice Outline why reflective practice is important and its relevance in adult social care. Take a critically reflecti

[OTHER] Evidence-informed decision-making

Tailored Support workshop (one-day session) In this workshop, participants will: Understand the context of decision-making in adult social care Understand the elements of a defensible decision Understand how evidence can support you to make good decisions Consider the et

[VIDEO] Transitions – supporting young people in transition to reach positive outcomes in adulthood

January 2019
PRESENTER: Julie Pointer

The differing legal frameworks governing Children’s and Adults’ Services, combined with the range of services involved in supporting young people in transition, can create challenges for practitioners in providing joined up support for young people.   Dra

[RPU] RPU 142 January 2019

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