RPU April 2015: Safeguarding and Domestic Abuse

Policy Scopes
Published: Jan 2015
Author: Research in Practice for Adults

Please note that this has not been updated since it was published.

The Research and Policy Update is RiPfA’s monthly digest of documents useful for implementing the Care Act. Each month features research articles that are themed on a particular issue related to Care Act implementation, as well as the last month’s policy highlights.

The theme of this month’s issue is safeguarding and domestic abuse, and due to the amount of policy and guidance that has recently developed on this issue, we’ve focussed this month’s policy section on domestic abuse too.

Domestic abuse has been recognised as a category of abuse in the Care Act guidance (section 14.17), raising questions in practice about how best to see safeguarding and domestic abuse as interlinked areas of practice. The resources included will update practitioners with useful research and guidance on this issue.

Aimed at: All social care practitioners, commissioners and carers

Number of pages: 20

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RPU April 2015: Safeguarding and Domestic Abuse