Help us evaluate the NICE social care quality standards on autism

05 June 2014

Image: Help us evaluate the NICE social care quality standards on autismNICE social care quality standards focus on the services and interventions that support the social care needs of people who use services. In order to ensure that quality standards are relevant and valuable to the social care and health sectors, we need to successfully measure awareness and use across their intended audiences. 

The quality standard on children, young people and adults with autism has eight measurable statements, which together can improve the quality and consistency of care for people with the condition. As part of its remit to support the implementation of NICE social care quality standards, the NICE Collaborating Centre for Social Care (NCCSC) is carrying out a survey to measure awareness and use of the autism quality standard.

We would like to hear from people who work in roles where they have contact with children, young people or adults who are diagnosed with autism, either conducting assessments of need or delivering or planning services for this group.

Complete the NICE quality standard on autism survey before Friday 20 June.

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