Supporting good practice with carers and their families

10 June 2019

Carers Week

Caring for someone can have an impact on an individual’s health and wellbeing. The Care Act 2014 and Children and Families Act 2014 (section 96) places expectations on children’s and adult social care to identify carers, assess their needs and provide support for this dedicated workforce.

To support Carers Week, Research in Practice for Adults has updated the social work practice with carers website, providing open access case studies, films, guidance and tools to use in direct work. Commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care and co-produced with carers, the learning resources aim to build the knowledge, skills and confidence of professionals working with both young and adult carers and their families.

Access the social work practice with carers website (open access).

Research in Practice for Adults has also developed a number of publications and resources to help support professionals who are working with carers:

Responding to the voice of older carers – building on what works: Practice Tool

Responding to the voice of older carersUsing the voice of carers and practice experts, this publication provides tools to support social care and health professionals to work effectively with older carers.

The resource draws specifically from the narratives of older carers. Illustrated by quotes from their lived experience, it includes five practice tools to help practitioners to: 

  • Develop understanding of what is important to older carers.
  • Provide timely information in the transition to becoming a carer later in life.
  • Support older carers to access services for themselves and the cared for person.
  • Build strategies for ‘being there’ with older carers, reducing loneliness.
  • Promote and safeguard older carers’ wellbeing. 

Designed for: Practitioners and managers across social care and wider services for adults.

Responding to the voice of older carers – building on what works: Blog

Tish ElliotTish Elliot

The voice of older carers and their experiences of transitioning to this role in later life should underpin our work with carers. The latest Practice Tool is designed to support practitioners on working with an increasing population of older carers.


Research in Practice for Adults Partners have access to learning resources as part of membership. 

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