Support to help children living with alcohol-dependant parents

24 April 2018
Department of Health and Social CareHealth and Social Care Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has announced new plans to help children who are living with alcoholic parents. 
The measures, which total £6 million, will help identify at-risk children quicker and provide them with support and advice. Harmful drinking at home can leave a child feeling vulnerable and can cause them to develop problems later in life.
The measures include:
  • fast access to support and mental health services for children and their families where there is a dependent drinker.
  • quicker identification of at-risk children, including those undertaking inappropriate care responsibilities.
  • the provision of outreach programmes to get more parents successfully through addiction treatment.
  • early intervention programmes to reduce the numbers of children needing to go into care.
The Local Government Association (LGA) has responded positively to the announcement, believing that at-risk children require as much support as possible. However, they state a joined-up strategy across Government must be considered in order to help all vulnerable children and young people.  

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