Serious Case Reviews: briefings to support practice

18 October 2016

Serious Case ReviewsDomestic abuse, substance misuse and mental health issues are factors that may increase safeguarding risks for children and adolescents whose parents are dealing with these challenges. Practitioners in Adult's Services need to be aware of these issues, how they may affect children in the family, and how to share information effectively with colleagues in Children's Services to flag potential safeguarding risks. 

Serious Case Reviews is a new open access website produced by Research in Practice and funded by the Department for Education. It contains practice briefings for police, health and other colleagues working with families. These resources summarise messages from the Triennial analysis of Serious Case Reviews (2016) and the implications for practice.

The messages on information sharing and joined up practitioner conversations to safeguard children and adolescents are clear. Those working with adults in universal and specialist services, including police, probation, health, and substance misuse services must take account of their clients’ parenting role and work together with other practitioners to support the safeguarding of children in these families.

Find out more and review the practice briefings.  

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