Promoting the value of co-production in practice

01 July 2019

Co-production Week

Co-production is where professionals and people who access social care services collaborate to design, deliver and ultimately improve services and outcomes for adults, carers and their families.

To support Co-production Week, Research in Practice for Adults has brought together multimedia learning resources to promote the value of co-production in practice. This includes a recorded Webinar that considers embedding strength-based working (open access until 5 July), alongside publications and Podcasts on strengths-based approaches to promote individuals assets and improve practice outcomes.

Additional resources include the recent Responding to the voice of older carers – building on what works: Practice Tool, which draws upon narratives from the lived experiences of older carers to support social care and health professionals.

Embedding strength-based working: Recorded Webinar (open access until 5 July).

Many local authorities are embarking on new strengths-based approaches to social care practice. This Webinar provides an opportunity to consider what may be required to effectively embed these approaches and how to begin evaluating their impact.

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