New resources to support working with carers, strengths-based practice and court craft

17 April 2019

New resources to support working with carers, strengths-based practice and court craftResearch in Practice for Adults has released several new publications on key topics, bringing together the latest evidence to support practice:

Developing strengths-based working: Strategic Briefing

Developing strengths-based working: Strategic BriefingThis Strategic Briefing presents evidence that sits behind the concept of strengths-based working. It explores reasons why strengths-based working is being widely adopted and provides an overview of specific models and practice examples for all those working in adult social care. It aims to support strategic leaders in developing and communicating locally relevant approaches.

Designed for: Local authority strategic leaders and decision-makers. It will also be of interest to frontline managers and their staff.

Paperback price: £10.00 (no VAT to pay).

Download price: £12.00 (includes VAT).

Embedding strengths-based practice: Frontline Briefing

Embedding strengths-based practice: Frontline BriefingThis publication complements the accompanying Strategic Briefing on developingstrengths-based working. Aimed at frontline social care practitioners and their managers, it:

  • Proposes and explains seven key principles of strengths-based approaches in social care, and the evidence base supporting them.
  • Presents a series of practical tools to support strengths-based practice, focusing on communication skills.

Designed for: Practitioners, managers and workforce development teams.

Paperback price: £12.00 (no VAT to pay).

Download price: £14.40 (includes VAT).

Responding to the voice of older carers – building on what works: Practice Tool

Responding to the voice of older carers – building on what works: Practice Tool Using the voice of carers and practice experts, this publication aims to provide tools to support social care and health professionals to work effectively with older carers.

The resource draws specifically from the narratives of older carers. Illustrated by quotes from their lived experience, it includes five practice tools to help practitioners to:

  • Develop understanding of what is important to older carers.
  • Provide timely information in the transition to becoming a carer later in life.
  • Support older carers to access services for themselves and the cared for person.
  • Build strategies for ‘being there’ with older carers, reducing loneliness.
  • Promote and safeguard older carers’ wellbeing.

Designed for: Practitioners and managers across social care and wider services for adults.

Paperback price: £10.00 (no VAT to pay).

Download price: £12.00 (includes VAT).

Supporting good court craft: Supervisors’ Briefing

Supporting good court craft: Supervisors BriefingCourt craft – the right blend of competencies to support confident assessment, analysis and presentation of information to court – is an important aspect of adult social care. Good, defensible decision-making is at its heart.

This briefing aims to support good court craft by:

  • Reinforcing the importance of court craft skills and knowledge across different levels and roles, including explaining how these map against the Professional Capabilities Framework and Knowledge and Skills Statements.
  • Identifying ways to enable practitioners to become knowledgeable, skilled, confident and credible when preparing for, and working in, a court setting.
  • Considering ways to develop practitioners’ skills of good recording and clear, defensible decision-making.
  • Providing details of resources and case law that will assist in keeping court craft skills and knowledge up-to-date, developing and deepening practitioners’ confidence and understanding.
  • Offering points for reflection and discussion.

Designed for: Managers and supervisors – those working at the strategic level of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) who have responsibility for the management, supervision and/or practice development of others. However, it will also be useful for wider groups of staff.

Paperback price: £10.00 (no VAT to pay).

Download price: £12.00 (includes VAT).

Court craft: Online resources

Court craft: Online resources Accompanying the Supporting good court craft: Supervisors’ Briefing are a range of online practical resources that have been designed to support staff in adult social care with developing their skills, knowledge and confidence in relation to writing for and appearing within court: www.ripfa.org.uk/resources/court-craft

Designed for: Any staff working in adult social care who may need to appear in court as part of their role.

Access: Partners of Research in Practice for Adults have access to online resources. Login to your account to view the Court craft: Online resources

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