New resources to support Making Safeguarding Personal

08 November 2017

Image: Local Government AssociationNew resources from the Local Government Association show what good practice might look like in Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP), and how MSP aligns with existing expectations and frameworks.

The resources – aimed at professionals with a key role in safeguarding – set out what needs to be done and addressed in order to make safeguarding personal for adults. They also provide support and guidance for those with an assurance role who are leading culture change towards MSP.

The suite contains:

  • Support for Boards across the Safeguarding Adults Partnership
  • What might ‘good’ look like for health and social care commissioners and providers?
  • What might ‘good’ look like for the police?
  • What might ‘good’ look like for advocacy?
  • What might ‘good’ look like for those working in the Housing Sector?
  • A resource for SABs to support increased involvement of people who may be in need of safeguarding support.

Each paper provides a summary of the relevant role, responsibilities, priorities and expectations, alongside steps to develop and implement a Making Safeguarding Personal approach.

MSP is a drive to make adult safeguarding person-led and outcome-focused by engaging the person and enhancing involvement, choice and control, in order to improve quality of life, wellbeing and safety.

Access the suite of resources.

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