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After the Grenfell tragedy: The Chalcots experience

A Camden Council Service Manager reflects on the learning from the Chalcots Estate evacuation that occurred after the Grenfell tragedy and outlines some of the key social work capabilities needed during and after the evacuation.

Sexual exploitation: Women’s experiences of support

For women involved in prostitution the decision to leave or not return to services frequently puts them at a disadvantage. In this blog, Kathryn Hodges, an upcoming RiPfA Partnership Conference speaker considers the experiences of women who have been sexually exploited and when they seek help and support.

Hospitals: something to be avoided?

The importance of individual experiences, addressing underlying health inequalities and reducing the cost of health care is widely promoted as the benchmark of the impact of integrated care. However, the increase in acute hospital activity over recent years has been seen as a problem.

Improving awareness of sexual exploitation among adults

In this blog, Rosie McNamara explores the topic of sexual exploitation by looking through the definitions, identified risk factors and effects. She tries to understand why people still fail to mention the abuse they have suffered and what can be done to raise awareness.

A focus on systems learning - the Safeguarding Adults Review Library

Can a focus on ‘systems findings’ rather than ‘case findings’ help us to ensure that Safeguarding Adults Reviews improve practice? Dr Lindsey Pike and Dr Sheila Fish discuss a new national library allowing others to see if the causes of problems identified elsewhere also exist locally.

Community Catalysts - Do Your Thing

How can we enable people to forge links with others with the same interests or aspirations, to make connections and maximise local assets? In this blog, Community Catalysts describe how they support people to explore their passions and think how they might put these to good use.

Embedding RiPfA into the London Borough of Lambeth

In this blog Link Officer of the Year, David Till, offers tips to help other Partners to get the best out of their membership to Research in Practice for Adults.

Financial abuse and scamming of adults at risk

Financial abuse is the second most commonly reported form of abuse. Becoming a victim can have significant consequences on the wellbeing of victims and it is an area of research which is critically relevant to social work practice.

Cook Together, Share Together, Learn Together

Cook Together, Share Together is a pilot in North Halifax supporting five people with learning disabilities to match them with a volunteer to prepare, cook and share a meal together once a week.

Students and Refugees Together (START): the importance of generic social work

This article describes a unique organisation in which social work student placements are harnessed to provide services to refugees. The values and principles underpinning START are placed in an historical context by the author in celebration of generic, strengths-based practice.

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