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United - not divided

United for All Ages discuss bringing older and young people together for the benefit of all generations and wider society.

The quest to understand the sexual exploitation and mental health of adults

Jessica Eaton, author of our recent Sexual Exploitation and Mental Health: Frontline Briefing, writes about her work exploring the evidence relating to sexual exploitation, trauma and mental health.

Life story work in dementia care

We should always take an interest in the people we care for - their lives, their interests, their stories. Life story work involves gathering information and artefacts about a person you are helping, and producing a picture book or other tangible output that says something about their life, interests, hopes and wishes.

Asset-based work with communities

Asset-based work, along with its close relation strength-based work, has gained a lot of social care currency in recent years. But what is an asset, and how do we best work with them? The answers might not be as straightforward as we first think.

Recruiting for potential

A Skills for Care project is focusing on how social care and health employers can become more inclusive, by recruiting a workforce which better reflects their local community.

Working with complexity

As human beings we are by our very nature, complex. As individuals, within the world we inhabit with our families, friends, communities and beyond we all experience complexity in our lives.

Mapping the Maze

Katherine Sacks-Jones writes about her involvement with Mapping the Maze, a project which maps social service provision for women. The campaign aims to highlight support across the country and attempts to improve the lives of women who have complex needs.

After the Grenfell tragedy: The Chalcots experience

A Camden Council Service Manager reflects on the learning from the Chalcots Estate evacuation that occurred after the Grenfell tragedy and outlines some of the key social work capabilities needed during and after the evacuation.

Sexual exploitation: Women’s experiences of support

For women involved in prostitution the decision to leave or not return to services frequently puts them at a disadvantage. In this blog, Kathryn Hodges, an upcoming RiPfA Partnership Conference speaker considers the experiences of women who have been sexually exploited and when they seek help and support.

Hospitals: something to be avoided?

The importance of individual experiences, addressing underlying health inequalities and reducing the cost of health care is widely promoted as the benchmark of the impact of integrated care. However, the increase in acute hospital activity over recent years has been seen as a problem.

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