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[WEBINAR] What helps make a Safeguarding Adults Review effective?

Learning Event : Webinar
27 Jun 2017

Around 155 Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SARs) have been commissioned or conducted in the two years following the implementation of the Care Act 2014. The Act states that SARs should promote 'effective learning and improvement action to prevent future deaths or serious harm occurr

[WEBINAR] Working with people who hoard

Learning Event : Webinar
24 Jan 2017

Social care practitioners have a role to play in supporting people who hoard, but where does that role begin and end, and what approaches and interventions are effective? Building on our Working with people who self-neglect: Practice tool, this hour-long webinar explores the evid

[WEBINAR] Legal literacy in social care practice

Learning Event : Webinar
18 Apr 2016

Legal literacy requires the skilled application of the legal rules: identifying how real world circumstances fit with the grounds for legal intervention, while ensuring key principles such as human rights and equalities are observed. Legally literate practitioners and managers wi

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