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[OTHER] Promoting emotional resilience in social work teams

Tailored Support workshop (one-day session) Emotional resilience is the ability to adapt to and ‘bounce back’ from difficult situations and can help individuals and teams to cope with uncertainty and stressful situations. This workshop focuses on the learnable skills and a

[OTHER] Working with people who hoard

Tailored Support workshop (one-day session) Hoarding has become increasingly acknowledged as a widespread challenge for practitioners in social care. This workshop explores what hoarding is and why people hoard, and gives opportunities to consider ‘what works’ when working

[OTHER] Supervision Change Project

--> Management                             Support     Mediation                                  Development     ‘Make sure they are ok, so we are ok.’ (Feedback from adults and carers). Download all the Supervision

[OTHER] Supporting managers to promote risk enablement within teams

Tailored Support workshop (one-day session) In this workshop, participants will: Describe their role in supporting social workers in their roles Critically appraise and work within the organisational frameworks to support staff to work effectively and positively with risk,

[OTHER] Training impact evaluation

Tailored Support workshop (one-day session) This workshop will help you to understand the principles behind supporting and measuring impact from training. It outlines why organisations train staff, the factors which influence the transfer of training into practice, and methods

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