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[BLOG] The right to vote doesn’t depend on mental capacity

April 2015, Research in Practice for Adults

Lucy Series is a research associate at the School of Law and Politics at Cardiff University. Her research focuses on disability rights, legal capacity and community care law. Lucy is also a RiPfA Associate and has worked on projects relating to the Mental Capacity Act 2005, the d

[BLOG] Legal literacy in social care

February 2016, Research in Practice for Adults

Suzy Braye and Michael Preston-Shoot, authors of our recently released Strategic Briefing, discuss the importance of senior leaders, managers and practitioner’s knowledge of legal literacy; to understand, develop and respond to complex situations with the use of professional ju

[BLOG] Technical knowledge is not enough: exploring legal literacy as a concept and in practice

March 2016, Research in Practice for Adults

Michael Preston-Shoot and Suzy Braye The legal rules derived from the twin pillars of adult social care legislation – the Care Act 2014 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005 – are continuously evolving. The Care Act 2014 is now just one year into implementation, and already revis

[BLOG] The complexities of applying legal literacy in practice

October 2016, Research in Practice for Adults

Suzy Braye and Michael Preston-Shoot Primary and secondary legislation, central government guidance and judicial decisions provide essential frameworks for the commissioning and provision of adult social care. But legal rules must be interpreted and applied in complex situations

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