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[PUBLICATIONS] Personalisation and managing the market: Policy Scope (2014)

Policy Scopes
Published: January 2014

Please note that this has not been updated since it was published.Personalisation has had a significant impact on the market and created a conundrum for commissioners in terms of supporting the market to deliver the personalisation agenda while ensuring quality in that delivery.

[PUBLICATIONS] Building community capacity: Key issue (2012)

Key Issues
Published: January 2012

Please note that this has not been updated since it was published.This Key Issue explores the meaning of social capital and its potential to utilise untapped resources – particularly relevant in times of budget cuts. The Key Issue places community capacity in the policy contex

[PUBLICATIONS] Achieving outcomes through integrated working: Strategic Briefing (2015)

Strategic Briefings
Published: March 2015

Please note that this has not been updated since it was published.The Care Act 2014 places additional emphasis on the already established imperative to integrate health and social care services, in order to focus on the outcomes that people who access care and support want to ach

[PUBLICATIONS] Enabling social care to thrive in an integrated environment: Leaders' Briefing (2016)

Leaders' Briefings
Published: October 2016

The Care Act 2014 promotes the need for integration across health and social care, as well as wider partnerships. This briefing looks at the progress made so far and some of the challenges that are being faced. Although many local authorities and NHS providers have begun work on

[PUBLICATIONS] Developing the social care workforce: Strategic Briefing (2016)

Strategic Briefings
Published: June 2016

Across the UK, local authorities are looking at how to recruit, support and retain a strong social care workforce. However, there has recently been a focus on skills shortage within the sector at the same time as expectations for delivery increasing and plans for more stringent r

[PUBLICATIONS] Involving people in safeguarding adults: Leaders' Briefing (2016)

Leaders' Briefings
Published: June 2016

The Care Act 2014 makes it clear that involving people in adult safeguarding is expected at a number of levels. This Leaders' Briefing outlines policy expectations and evidence to support progress across the four following areas: Involving people in their own safeguarding. Obtai

[PUBLICATIONS] Working with people who hoard: Frontline Briefing (2017)

Frontline resources
Published: January 2017

The NHS estimates that between two and five per cent of adults in the UK may have symptoms of a hoarding disorder. Social care practitioners may have a role to play in supporting people who hoard. This work can be complex, and may necessitate a multi-agency response. This briefin

[PUBLICATIONS] Developing effective commissioner and service provider relationships

Strategic Briefings
Published: February 2017

As more services are commissioned by local authorities within the context of reducing resources, it can be a challenging time for the relationship between commissioners and providers. This briefing examines the current situation, barriers and enablers, and how to establish collab

[PUBLICATIONS] Good practice at end of life for social care practitioners: Practice Tool (2017)

Practice Tools and Guides
Published: February 2017

When working with people and their families at the end of their life it is important that we work in a way that enables people to have the best possible experience of death. Practitioners can feel uncertain about what constitutes best practice and may need support to have positiv

[PUBLICATIONS] Applying research to social care practice: RiPfA RPU 137 August 2018 (open access)

Policy Scopes
Published: July 2018

Research in Practice (RiP) and Research in Practice for Adults (RiPfA) have been in the business of evidence-informed practice for 22 and 13 years respectively. During that time, we’ve worked to bring together research messages with practice wisdom, making sure they are com
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