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[PUBLICATIONS] Supporting good court craft: Supervisors' Briefing

Upcoming publications
Published: March 2019

Local authorities have a range of statutory duties and delegated powers in relation to the wellbeing, and care and support, of adults. The importance of strategic managers, supervisors and the wider workforce being legally literate cannot be overstated. However, having a clear un

[PUBLICATIONS] Supporting good court craft: Resource hub

Upcoming publications
Published: March 2019

These practical resources will support staff in adult social care in developing their skills, knowledge and confidence in relation to writing for, and appearing at court. A resource for managers and supervisors is also included to enable them to grow and develop their team’

[OTHER] News and guidance: Facilitating the participation of ‘P’ in Court of Protection proceedings

Facilitating participation of ‘P’ and vulnerable persons in Court of Protection proceedings. Mr Justice Charles has released this practical guidance with helpful suggestions as to how practitioners might consider enhancing the participation of someone who might lack mental c

[OTHER] News and Guidance: Court of Protection statistics

We’re still waiting for the latest DoLS figures, but the Family Court statistics report outlines interesting changes in Court of Protection statistics. This shows that the numbers of applications for authorisation of deprivation of liberty (for people in community settings or

[OTHER] News and Guidance: The new Court of Protection Rules 2017 came into force on the 1st of December 2017

Available at http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/1035/contents/made Summary: The new Rules entirely replace the 2007 Rules, and set out the practice and procedure to be followed in the Court of Protection. They apply to anybody who applies to the Court or involves it in any

[OTHER] News and Guidance: Court of Protection Regional Hubs will begin issuing their own section 16 and 21A applications

Summary: The current system in which applications are made to London and then transferred to Regional Hubs will be replaced by one in which the Regional Hubs issue their own s16 (Health and Welfare) and s21A (Deprivation of Liberty) applications. The scheme will be introduced on

[BLOG] The right to vote doesn’t depend on mental capacity

April 2015, Research in Practice for Adults

Lucy Series is a research associate at the School of Law and Politics at Cardiff University. Her research focuses on disability rights, legal capacity and community care law. Lucy is also a RiPfA Associate and has worked on projects relating to the Mental Capacity Act 2005, the d

[BLOG] Courting evidence: Legal literacy in social care

November 2015, Research in Practice for Adults

Analysing key themes from our recent Link Officers’ Annual Meeting, RiPfA’s Senior Research and Development Officer, Lindsey Pike, and Learning and Development Officer, Katherine Bishop, explore the theme of legal literacy in adult social care. In early October, RiPfA held

[BLOG] Technical knowledge is not enough: exploring legal literacy as a concept and in practice

March 2016, Research in Practice for Adults

Michael Preston-Shoot and Suzy Braye The legal rules derived from the twin pillars of adult social care legislation – the Care Act 2014 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005 – are continuously evolving. The Care Act 2014 is now just one year into implementation, and already revis

[NEWS] New: Case Law Summaries

December 2016, Research in Practice for Adults

Case Law Summaries are a new monthly resource providing an overview and analysis of selected cases, highlighting implications and recommendations for practice. We will also report on new legal guidance as it is published. The first edition of this new resource is open access.
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