RPU 152 November 2019

This Research Summary focuses on End of life: supporting carers of people living with dementia.

The research summaries included in this RPU include:

  • social support and carer resilience
  • what’s important at end of life to people with dementia and their carers
  • an intervention for pre-death grief in dementia carers
  • the experiences of spouse carers who have partners with dementia in care homes

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RPU 151 October 2019

This RPU focuses on occupational therapy with people experiencing mental health difficulties.

The research summaries included in this RPU include:

  • occupational therapists in community mental health teams for older people
  • people’s perspectives on occupational therapy in acute mental health inpatient settings
  • how using a new visual method can help people express their feelings about occupational therapy in an acute mental health unit
  • how a vocational group, co-run by occupational therapists and people experiencing mental health problems, may support employment opportunities

RPU 150 September 2019

This RPU focuses on effective support for people who have experienced prison.

The research summaries included in this RPU include:

  • attitudes to employing a person with learning disabilities and an offending record
  • how fatherhood training affects wellbeing after prison
  • mental health support during transition from prison
  • gender differences in social support for men and women leaving prison.