RPU 99 November 2014

To coincide with the publication of our latest Key Issue on Co-production, we’ve chosen a selection of research articles that reflect the theme of co-production and involvement. Co-production is the idea that people who use services equally design and deliver services with professionals. This has numerous suggested benefits, including supporting asset-based social work, increasing service capacity by reducing wasteful interventions, and providing wider societal benefits.

RPU 98 October 2014

In the month of World Mental Health Day, October’s issue summarises research articles on social work practice in mental health. The Care Act’s wellbeing principle makes people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing the central concern of care and support services, while the call for improved integration bears strongly on mental health care. Coinciding with the challenges of Care Act implementation is the renewed attention on the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, resulting from the Supreme Court’s ‘Cheshire West’ ruling. There is also increasing evidence of a mental health beds crisis, which is impacting on the role of AMHPs (see, for example, a survey reported in Mental Health Today). 

RPU 97 September 2014

September’s issue summarises research articles on personalised transition from children’s to adults’ services. The Care Act places new duties on local authorities around this time in people’s lives (see the Care Act factsheet, here), and our partners have told us that the issue of transitions to adult social care can be challenging to get right. 

RPU 96 July 2014

This month’s RPU has a focus on journal articles.

RPU 95 June 2014

This has been quite a slow month for relevant updates, and what there is seems to be focusing on personalisation.

RPU 94 May 2014

Although there are a range of different topics covered in this month’s RPU, a main theme appears to be the future of health and social care especially in relation to the elderly and long-term conditions.

RPU 93 April 2014

This month’s RPU has a focus on journal articles.

RPU 92 March 2014

This month’s RPU starts with a summary of the mental health crisis concordat which sets out a vision for mental health crisis care supported across health and social care. 

RPU 91 February 2014

This month’s RPU starts with three reports from the Department of Health. 

RPU 90 January 2014

his month’s RPU has a focus on journal articles.