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Our monthly Research and Policy Updates give you an in-depth digest of the latest research evidence and policy information relating to key themes and sector priorities. You need to be a Partner, member or individual subscriber to access Research and Policy Updates.

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RPU 117 September 2016


This month’s Research and Policy Update examines the theme of Exploitation of Adults.

Research summaries explore the experience of young homeless adults; the re-victimisation of homeless adults who have been abused in childhood; the link between child sexual exploitation and the sexual exploitation of women; and finally the health needs of survivors of human trafficking.  
There are specific practice considerations in relation to policy, homelessness services and health services.  However, perhaps the most striking and recurrent points in this month’s summaries are the links between homelessness, childhood abuse and the exploitation of adults.  In this respect, there is much that gives cause for reflection on the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to preventative services.

There is a particular focus on sexual exploitation in this month’s research summaries.  It should be acknowledged that there is a broad range of terminology in this subject area, not all of which is universally accepted as defining the issues. Language used in relation to sexual exploitation and its influence on perceptions of abuse is itself an area of much debate, which is also worth being mindful of.  
For each summary this month, RiPfA uses the terminology chosen by authors.

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