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Professional standards for occupational therapy practice

Image: Mapping the RCOT

Mapping Research in Practice for Adults resources to the Professional standards for occupational therapy practice, Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) (2017).

We have mapped the RiPfA resources to the Professional Standards for Occupational Therapsits, to support professional developedment and enable Occupational Therapists to evidence learning that they have undertaken in relation to the  Professional standards for occupational therapy practice (RCOT).

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Underpinning your occupational therapy practice is an understanding of the relationship between occupation and health and wellbeing.


Service users are at the centre of your practice.


Through review of documents, discussion and/or interview, you screen/triage the service user’s occupational needs.


Through interview, observation and/or specific assessment, you identify and evaluate the service user’s occupational performance and participation needs.


You develop appropriate intervention plans, or recommendations, based upon the occupational performance needs, choices and aspirations of service users, as identified through your assessments.


You evaluate the impact of the intervention that you have provided in terms of the service user’s response and occupational outcomes.


You keep care records that are fit for purpose and process them according to legislation.


You seek to demonstrate and enhance the quality, value and effectiveness of the service/s that you provide.


You are qualified by education, training and/or experience to practise capably and safely in your chosen role.


You work collaboratively with your colleagues to maximise the outcomes of intervention.


Your communication style and manner is always professional.


You support the training and development of colleagues and those you supervise.


You monitor, make best use of and sustain your personal and service resources.


You take reasonable care of your own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by what you do, or do not do.


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