Supporting outcomes-focused practice: Learning Resources (open access)

Supporting outcomes-focused practice: Learning Resources (open access)Supporting outcomes-focused practice: Learning Resources (open access)These easy to use open access resources demonstrate how to have, record and reflect on outcomes conversations, and are available as downloadable tools and case studies on a dedicated website. Each gives clear examples of outcomes-focused practice, as well as guidance on how to deliver it. They are intended to support all practitioners and are particularly useful to students and people in their Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE).

The site also introduces the Outcomes Triangle, a new model designed to be used in care planning to support conversations about outcomes. The triangle focuses on the three key elements of: wellbeing; social networks; and environment; and is underpinned by a list of the core skills that practitioners need.

These resources are the outputs of a Research in Practice for Adults Change Project.

Aimed at: Commissioners, Directors, Frontline practitioners, Policy makers, Senior leaders, Senior practitioners, Social workers, Strategic leads and Team leaders.

These learning resources are open access.

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