Social work practice with carers: Learning Resources (open access)

Social work practice with carers: Learning Resources (open access)The learning resources to support social work with carers are available on an open access website and are intended for frontline practitioners and managers who are working with carers. They include five case studies to give an insight into different types of caring responsibilities, some of the common challenges experienced by carers and guidance for working with them effectively. Each case study contains a written and audio overview, sample chronology, assessment and support plan, along with tools and training materials to put learning into practice.

The resources were commissioned by the Department of Health and developed by RiPfA in partnership with carers, along with support from Carers UK and the Carers Trust.

Aimed at: Carers, Commissioners, Directors, Frontline practitioners, Policy makers, Senior leaders, Senior practitioners, Service users and their families, Social workers, Strategic leads and Team leaders.

These learning resources are open access.

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