KSS-3: Person-centred practice

27 June 2017
Image: Mapping to the Knowledge and SKills Statement

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Social workers should enable people to access the advice, support and services to which they are entitled. They should coordinate and facilitate a wide range of practical and emotional support, and discharge legal duties to complement people’s own resources and networks, so that all individuals (no matter their background, health status or mental capacity), carers and families can exercise choice and control, (supporting individuals to make their own decisions, especially where they may lack capacity) and meet their needs and aspirations in personalised, creative and often novel ways.

They should work co-productively and innovatively with people, local communities, other professionals, agencies and services to promote self-determination, community capacity, personal and family reliance, cohesion, earlier intervention and active citizenship. Social workers should also engage with and enable access to advocacy for people who may require help to secure the support and care they need due to physical or mental ill-health, sensory or communication impairment, learning disability, mental incapacity, frailty or a combination of these conditions and their physical, psychological and social consequences.


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