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26 October 2016
Image: Mapping the Knowledge and SKills Statement



About the KSS resource map

Department of Health Knowledge and skills statement for social workers in adult services: mapping Research in Practice for Adults learning resources to the statement (published March 2015)

This learning resources map is designed to support professional development and enable social workers to meet and to evidence that they have met the requirements of the Knowledge and Skills Statement. The full final statement can be viewed on the Department of Health website. We quote the statements below, adding our own emphasis in bold to highlight themes and topics.

How to use the learning resources map

ASYE: Use Research in Practice for Adults learning resources to enhance particular knowledge and skills and to build an ASYE portfolio.

For those leading on ASYE programmes: Print the map and add to your ASYE folder to guide self-directed learning. Circulate electronic copies for easy access to the learning resources online.

Practitioners: use the map to guide self-directed learning. Select learning resources to share in group supervision sessions and team meetings.

Supervisors: Guide practitioners to specific learning resources that will support developmental identified in supervision.

Principal Social Workers: Plan the use of Research in Practice for Adults materials into development programmes for social care practitioners, social workers and senior practitioners.

In addition to the existing resources outlined below, Research in Practice for Adults offers extensive consultancy and tailored delivery. Please contact ask@ripfa.org.uk with any enquiries about how we might help.

KSS pages by topic 

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