Effective use of power and authority as a practice supervisor

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7.1 Practice supervisors must apply a proportionate and ethical approach to the exercise of their authority and ensure that the approach of social workers enhances the involvement, choice and control of adults and their carers to improve their quality of life and well-being.

7.2 Practice supervisors should secure, maintain and model a current and working knowledge of the legislative framework, particularly the Care Act 2014, the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and mental health legislation and its related case law. They should ensure that practice is lawful and seek legal advice when required. They should demonstrate a critical understanding of organisational policy and procedures.

7.3 Practice supervisors should provide expertise and support to social workers to exercise statutory or other formal authority where their assessment and analysis indicates that an adult appears to be at risk of abuse or neglect. They should be able to work with and contain the emotions of social workers so that they are able to identify person-centred solutions to risk and harm, including practice situations where the person using services is    assessed as having mental capacity and decides to make what might be an unwise decision. They should support social workers to communicate clearly the purpose and content of the care and support plan.

7.4 Practice supervisors should recognise the dynamics of relationships between professionals, identifying where these are likely to compromise the well-being of adults and take immediate and corrective action.

7.5 Practice supervisors will create a culture where challenge and debate is invited and encouraged to support transparency and accountability; they should be accessible and approachable to social workers, adults and their carers.

The full Knowledge and Skills Statement for Social Work Practice Supervisors in Adult Social Care can be viewed on the Department of Health and Social care website.


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