Delivery Programme 2016-17

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2016-2017 Overview

Image: RiPfA delivery programmeEvents and resources for March 2017 are listed below. The Delivery Programme content is informed by annual consultation with our network.

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Tailored Support services also form part of the Delivery Programme. These include in-house workshops, service evaluation, strategy development and evidence scoping on specific topics. The deadlines for Partners to book their Tailored Support allocation are listed in the calendar. Non-partners can also commission these Tailored Support services.

For enquiries or further information, please contact  or call 01803 869753.


2 Mar Birmingham

Supporting adults with learning disabilities to have positive sexual relationships

Adults with learning disabilities aspire to have intimate relationships as most people do, yet often describe feeling lonely. Practice has traditionally focused on ‘keeping people safe’ by limiting rather than encouraging relationships.

This workshop - co-delivered by adults with learning disabilities and the National Development Team for Inclusion - focuses on how practitioners can support people to have positive relationships and minimise the risk of exploitation. They will also learn how to enable adults with learning disabilities to define what they want and expect from a relationship.

Aimed at: Frontline practitioners and managers who work with adults and their families.

Image: Workshop iconResearch Messages Workshop:
Learning Event
16 Mar Birmingham

Strengths-based practice with older people

When working with people who have complex lives, and doing so in a complex policy context, good practice is supported by an understanding of the issues and theories along with knowledge of the frameworks and tools to use in direct work.

The Partnership Conference draws on the Evidence Review of the same name to give an insight into the existing evidence and explore how social care professionals can understand and effectively work with complexity.

Aimed at: Frontline practitioners, managers, learning and development teams, Higher Education Institutes, senior leaders.

Image: Partnership Conference iconPartnership Conference: Network Event
22 Mar Birmingham

Middle Leaders’ Development Workshop

Positive leadership behaviours are essential to any successful organisation. In the public sector, they can enable high quality direct work and support staff retention. This one-day workshop combines new content with material from the popular 2015 Research in Practice Learning Module on this topic to provide a fast-paced session for managers/middle leaders in both Children’s and Adults’ Services and colleagues working across both areas of practice in 'people' directorates.

Aimed at: Team or service managers who manage case work in both Children’s and Adults’ Services and/or across both.

Image: Research Messages Workshop iconJoint Research Messages Workshop: Learning Event


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