Safeguarding and domestic abuse - recorded webinar now online

09 March 2015

Safeguarding and domestic abuse - recorded webinar now onlineAs part of work for LGA and ADASS on safeguarding adults and domestic abuse, we held a webinar on the 3rd March to explore how multiagency partners can best support people who have care and support needs and are experiencing domestic abuse, using a making safeguarding personal approach.

The Care Act guidance (2014) includes domestic abuse as a category of safeguarding adults, recognising that much work currently undertaken under safeguarding is actually domestic abuse.

Featuring Polly Neate, Chief Executive of Women’s Aid and Cathie Williams, ADASS Chief Officer and former LGA Safeguarding Lead, we discussed coercive control, principles for working, risk vs needs-led approaches, and the research on how to recognise and respond to domestic abuse.

With many people sharing the 83 webinar logins on the day, a lively debate was had, with attendees sharing useful approaches and ideas to support practice. The webinar is freely available to watch on our Vimeo channel, and for Partners in our Recorded Webinars resources.

Further resources available on this issue include:


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