Safeguarding across the lifespan training workshops

29 January 2015

Safeguarding across the lifespan training workshopsWe are running four workshops between now and the end of March to support Team Managers who need to understand and deliver effective lifespan safeguarding in practice for people with learning disabilities. 


The recent publication of the Winterbourne View - Time for Change report once again focuses the media spotlight on the events at Winterbourne View back in 2011. The report is focused very much around the requirements for commissioners, but highlights that some of the progress against the Winterbourne View concordat has not been at the pace predicted. Recommendations from the original report require a life course approach in respect of services for adults who have learning disabilities.

Given that the sector has found it challenging to meet the requirements of the report Transforming care: a national response to Winterbourne View hospital RiPfA and RiP are developing resources to support a life course approach. We are delighted to be offering a series of workshops developed and delivered by Dr Margaret Flynn, co-author of the Serious Case Review into Winterbourne view.

Effective transition is a key feature of any lifespan approach. There are some challenges for practice in terms of safeguarding, especially relating to the shift from child protection processes towards adult safeguarding where we put the adult at the heart of the process.

We are running four training workshops for Team Managers to support effective transitions for people with learning disabilities and ensure best practice in safeguarding across the lifespan.

The workshops will deliver the following:

  • Clearer understanding of how risk enablement and person-centred working can begin earlier in the life course and continue throughout.
  • An up to date knowledge of safeguarding under the Care Act and other new guidance and legislation, including a making safeguarding personal approach.
  • The ability to challenge existing systems where they are not providing person-centred lifespan approaches, and celebrate where they are.
  • Ideas and tools to make lifespan safeguarding for people with learning disabilities work in practice.

Dates and locations: Lifespan safeguarding for people with learning disabilities Team Managers’ Workshop:

  • 11 March 2015, Birmingham
  • 12 March 2015, Manchester
  • 24 March, London
  • 25 March, Bristol

To find out more or book your place, email events@ripfa.org.uk or call our Events Team on 01803 847264.

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