Innovation in enablement

07 November 2014

Innovation in enablementDoes anyone in your organisation demonstrate innovative practice around enablement in dementia?

Research in Practice for Adults is starting to develop a new publication focusing on Enablement in Dementia, authored by Imogen Blood, who has a wealth of experience working in the field of older people with high support needs and dementia and equality.

The publication will explore how service delivery can be shaped to help people with dementia maintain their independence and wellbeing, taking a strengths-based approach. It will consider enablement within the context of current national policy and the latest research, drawing out the key messages for practice. It will also incorporate case studies of effective enabling models.

We are currently looking for examples of best practice and innovation when it comes to enabling those living with dementia to maximise independence and have a good quality of life, to inform and aid the development of the resource.

This is where we’d like to hear from you…
We want to hear from people working in the field about the important issues when it comes to enablement. We are also looking for great examples of where practitioners have been using best practice and innovative approaches to enablement in dementia. We will be using this feedback and input as part of the publication development process.

Perhaps you use local assessment tools that focus on a strengths-based approach, or that keep enablement in sharp focus during assessment? Or maybe professionals working in your communities and care homes work with people living with dementia in a particularly enabling way, helping to maximise independence?
If you, or any of your colleagues have examples to share and discuss, please email katherine.bishop@ripfa.org.uk or imogen@imogenblood.co.uk with information.

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