Delivery Programme 2015-16 and Annual Review 2014-15

04 March 2015

RiPFA Delivery Programme and Annual ReviewWe’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Delivery Programme.

The programme of learning events and resources is informed by the topics our members voted on in our recent consultation. It focuses on key issues affecting our sector this year, and can be grouped into three themes:


  • Building knowledge and understanding of how we can work with people
  • Understanding the issues affecting adult social care
  • Building capacity and improving working practices.

The Programme includes a new ‘at a glance’ section which summarises when the resources will be available, and who they are most suitable for. Based on feedback, we’ve also increased the number of webinars we offer so more people can attend and fit them into their busy diaries.

View the Delivery Programme here.

You can see more information about our events at http://ripfa-dev.ab-hosting5.co.uk/events-and-online-learning/events/ and book places by emailing events@ripfa.org.uk.

Annual Review 2014-15

RiPFA Annual Review 2014-15At the same time that we announce our priorities and intentions for the next six months, we would also like to share our review of the last year.

Our Annual Review, introduced by Research and Development Manager Lisa Smith, provides a brief snapshot of the key themes and important moments from 2014-15.

It’s a chance to reflect on the range of learning resources and events we produced, to celebrate our successes and say thank you to our network for their fantastic engagement and support over the last twelve months.  

View the Annual Review here.

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