We need to do better on social care

26 March 2018

Department of Health and Social CareHealth and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt has outlined seven key principles which will underpin the government’s reforms ahead of the release of the Health and Social Care green paper later this year.

In a speech he said that reforming the system in line with these principles will achieve a social care service that provides the best support and produces the best possible outcomes. 

The seven principles are: 

  • Quality and safety embedded in service provision
  • Whole person, integrated care with the NHS and social care systems operating as one
  • The highest possible control given to those receiving support
  • A valued workforce
  • Better practical support for families and carers
  • A sustainable funding model for social care supported by a diverse, vibrant and stable market
  • Greater security for all – for those born or developing a care need early in life and for those entering old age who do not know what their future care needs may be

The general principles were largely welcomed by health and social care organisations. The LGA and ADASS both released statements saying that the key principles were in line with their aspirations, however they stressed that they will only be successfully put into practice if the required resources are provided by the government.   

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LGA Response

ADASS Statement

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