The latest on social care funding reform

31 May 2018

Social CareA growing demand for care, linked to increasing complexity in need and an ageing population, means that local authorities are facing a shortage in funding for adult social care.

A report released by the Public Accounts Committee earlier this month warned that urgent action is required to address these concerns, as a lack of funding means turnover and vacancy rates across the care workforce are high. The Institute for Fiscal Studies reports that UK spending on healthcare will have to rise by an average of 3.3% a year over the next 15 years to maintain provision at current levels. 

The King’s Fund has outlined some potential options for reform. Their research concludes that England is now at a clear ‘fork in the road’ between adopting a better means-tested system, or one that is similar to the NHS that is free at the point of access for those who need it.

The Government is to release a Green Paper in the coming months on the future funding of adult social care.


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