Supporting adult safeguarding in Wirral

02 August 2016

Image: Supporting adult safeguarding in WirralAs part of their membership, Wirral commissioned RiPfA to produce an evidence scope on involving people in safeguarding adults. The scope supports the priorities of their Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB) to ensure that the views of people who use services are heard and used to inform safeguarding practices and services. It has now been developed into a learning resource: Involving people in safeguarding adults: Leaders' briefing (available to download and order in hard copy format).  

RiPfA facilitated knowledge exchange and gathered case studies from across the country on how involving people in safeguarding is being done in a range of local areas, presenting the evidence under four themes: 

  • How to involve people in their own safeguarding.
  • How to obtain feedback from people who have experienced safeguarding.
  • How to provide good information and advice about safeguarding.
  • How to involve communities in the work of the Safeguarding Adults Board.

After discussing the findings with the Safeguarding Adults Board, RiPfA took key comments and ideas from the discussion to draft a tailored action plan. 

‘The board as a whole were impressed with the comprehensive approach to the research and presentation of the evidence, workshop and final report, which were consistently acclaimed to be excellent. Importantly this was the clear view of those members of the board who are most closely involved with clients, and who were most enthusiastic about its inclusive potential. This valued work will continue to underpin the work of the board towards achieving this important and clear priority.’
David Grisenthwaite, Safeguarding Development Officer, Wirral Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board

The evidence scope has now been developed into a publication for wider use across the sector: Involving people in safeguarding adults: Leaders’ Briefing. This is available as an electronic and hard copy resource.  

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