Person-centred care in 2017 – evidence from people accessing services

28 September 2017

Image: National VoicesA new report from National Voices brings together evidence from people accessing services to give a snapshot of the extent of person-centred care in the English health and social care system. 

The report highlights that some aspects of person-centred care are being consistently achieved but that overall, person-centred care is inadequately measured, with evidence often patchy or 'absolutely lacking'. 

Data was drawn from national surveys and additional evidence to examine how people experienced: information; communication; participation in decisions; care planning; and care co-ordination.

What evidence was available indicated that information and communication in healthcare have improved, for example 76% of inpatients who had an operation or procedure said that what would happen was 'completely' explained. Personalisation and participation in adult social care has also advanced – 33% of people accessing services said they had as much control over their daily lives as they wanted and a further 44% had 'adequate' control.

Care planning in General Practice was less well supported – only 3% of people with a long-term condition said they had a written care plan. Co-ordination of care had mixed responses, particularly relating to transitions for people going in and out of hospital – 46% of inpatients said they did not get enough further support to recover or manage their condition after leaving hospital, but 52% of people knew fully what would happen with their care when they left. It also appears that family involvement is still marginal to the practice of person-centred care, with the majority of carers not getting additional support to meet their own needs. 

National Voices conclude that the mixed findings and general lack of evidence demonstrate that person-centred care needs to be given higher priority, and that a greater focus is needed on measuring the extent and quality of personalised care planning. 

Read the report: Person-centred care in 2017.

National Voices is a coalition of charities standing for people being in control of their health and care. 

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