Our year in review

12 June 2018

Research in Practice for Adults (RiPfA) is delighted to share its Annual Review, showcasing our year in practice.

The Annual Review details our work to support evidence-informed practice with our Partnership network and the wider social care sector.

It provides an overview of key themes we have focused on from April 2017 – March 2018, as well as links to relevant learning materials including publications, workshops, webinars, Research and Policy Updates, Case Law and Legal Summaries and blogs. It also details bespoke projects and other support available for Partners and non-partners alike.

Individuals can use the publication to map specific materials to their learning and development needs, as well as a guide to Research in Practice for Adults resources during 2017-18. 

Dez Holmes, Director of Research in Practice for Adults, said:

‘It is a testament to the sector’s commitment to evidence that Research in Practice for Adults continues to grow, with a record number of Partners joining our membership network in 2017-18. By blending robust research evidence, practice wisdom and the views and experience of adults, families and carers, we ensure our materials, learning opportunities and resources are rigorous and relevant.

Our offer supports professionals at all levels - from practitioners to strategic leaders. By promoting critical thinking, developing confidence in using evidence and ensuring decision-making is grounded in knowledge, we aim to enable a skilled, confident adult social care workforce.’

View the resource (open access PDF).

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