New RiPfA resources to support evidence-informed practice

20 June 2017

Image: New RiPfA resources

RiPfA has published new resources focusing on:

  • supporting outcomes-focused practice
  • good recording
  • embedding human rights approaches in adult social care
  • family group conferencing with adults
  • wImage: Mapping Resource (PDF)orking with people living with dementia.

Mapping Resource (PDF) provides details of each new release, along with information on a selection of related publications from our back catalogue. Use this quick guide to identify what the resources cover, who they’re for, and what other materials are available on the same topics to support workforce learning.

Image: Good recording: Practice Tool (2017)Good recording: Practice Tool

This Practice Tool provides an overview of the importance and purpose of recording, with resources and case studies to support reflection and professional development.

The tool supports: 

  • preparation for recording
  • professional writing
  • note-taking and recording outcomes-focused conversations
  • recording analysis, rationale, decisions and actions.

Its main focus is on recording assessment conversations. However, the principles apply to all professional recording.

Who’s it for: Practitioners and managers across social care and wider services for adults.

Paperback price: £10 (no VAT to pay) 

Download price: £12 (includes VAT)

Image: Making an outcomes approach work in practice: Frontline Briefing (2017)Making an outcomes approach work in practice: Frontline Briefing

This Frontline Briefing explores how we can support people using social care services to define the outcomes they want for themselves. It asks which approaches will work for everyone – people using services, staff and commissioners?

Updating and revising the original Key Issue published in 2014, it also includes policy context, definitions of outcomes and practical examples of outcomes-based practice.

Who’s it for: Practitioners, managers and commissioners.

Paperback price: £12 (no VAT to pay)

Download price: £14.40 (includes VAT)

Image: Supporting outcomes-focused practice: Learning Resources (open access)Supporting outcomes-focused practice: Learning Resources (open access)

Outcomes refer to the impacts or end results of services on a person’s life, and outcomes-focused services aim to achieve the aspirations, goals and priorities identified by each individual person. (Glendinning et al 2006).

These easy to use open access resources demonstrate how to have, record and reflect on outcomes conversations, and are available as downloadable tools and case studies on a dedicated website. Each gives clear examples of outcomes-focused practice, as well as guidance on how to deliver it. They are intended to support all practitioners and are particularly useful to students and people in their Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE).

The site also introduces the Outcomes Triangle, a new concept and model designed to be used in care planning to support conversations about outcomes. The model focuses on the three key elements of: wellbeing; social networks; and environment; and is underpinned by a list of the core skills that practitioners need.

Who’s it for: Social workers and all other health and social care practitioners.

Price: Open access 

Image: What is a family group conference for adults? Customer Guide (2017)What is…a family group conference for adults? Customer Guide

A family group conference is a facilitated decision-making meeting, which aims to help the individual and/or family find solutions to problems. This might be where there are concerns about an adults' safety or wellbeing, encouraging the family to find their own lasting solutions by building on their strengths and resources.

This Customer Guide explains what this service is and how it might help a service user and their family.

Who’s it for: People who use services, carers and families; social care practitioners, including social workers and family group conference coordinators.

Paperback price: £0.80 (no VAT to pay)

Download price: £0.96 (includes VAT)

Image: Embedding human rights in adult social care: Leaders' Briefing (2017)Embedding human rights approaches in adult social care: Leaders’ Briefing

Whilst public authorities have a legal duty to protect the rights of individuals, human rights considerations are also relevant to the ethical practice of all providers of health and social care. 

This briefing examines a human rights approach in adult social care, including how organisational policy can help to embed human rights in practice. 

Who’s it for: Strategic leaders, Directors, Councillors, Trustees and senior managers.

Paperback price: £12 (no VAT to pay)

Download price: £14.40 (includes VAT)

Image: Supporting confident social work practice with people living with dementia: Learning Resources (open access) Supporting confident social work practice with people living with dementia: Learning Resources (open access)

These open access learning resources support social work practice with people living with dementia, focusing on five practice principles:

  • Start with the person
  • Maintain a relationship
  • Involve support networks
  • Uphold people’s rights
  • Work with ongoing change

The resources include case studies, practical tools and guidance, and are available on an open access website. They were commissioned by the Department of Health and developed by Research in Practice for Adults.

Go to the supporting social work practice for people living with dementia learning resources. 

Who’s it for: Social workers, managers, educators, allied professionals, agencies and organisations working with people living with dementia.

Price: Open access

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