New RiPfA publications

28 March 2018

New RiPfA publications

Research in Practice for Adults (RiPfA) has released several new publications on key topics, bringing together the latest evidence to support practice:

  • Assessment: Brief Guide
  • Asset-based work with communities: Leaders’ Briefing
  • Ensuring effective training for Local Safeguarding Adults Boards (SABs): Strategic Briefing
  • Sexual exploitation and mental health: Frontline Briefing
  • Working with complexity: Evidence Review

The mail out includes the Working with complexity: Evidence Review developed over a period of eighteen months. It identifies relevant research and highlights good practice across four specific areas of complexity in adult social care. Various authors contributed to this extensive review, expertly overseen by the editor, Deirdre Ford.

An accompanying Mapping Resource (PDF) provides details of each new release and who they are aimed at, as well as identifying a selection of related publications from the RiPfA back catalogue. 

Assessment: Brief Guide

Assessment: Brief GuideAn adult social care assessment is a process which identifies what people want to achieve in order to maintain or improve their wellbeing, whilst having as much independence and control over their day-to-day life as possible. This Brief Guide explains in simple terms what an assessment is and how it works, along with practical advice to help ensure they are effective.

Aimed at: People accessing services, carers and families, social care practitioners. 

Paperback price: £0.80 (no VAT to pay)

Download price: £0.96 (includes VAT)

Asset-based work with communities: Leaders’ Briefing

Assets-based work with communities: Leaders' BriefingAsset-based work with communities is part of a wider strengths-based approach, drawing on personalisation, community development, and co-production. When an approach is asset-based, it means that it consciously identifies and mobilises the assets - skills, gifts and resources - of people, communities and organisations.

The research is starting to address why asset-based work with communities can be difficult, ineffective and involve setbacks - but also how to learn from them. This Leaders’ Briefing sets out this knowledge, considering how its principles can be most effective.

Aimed at: Directors and senior managers.

Paperback price: £10.00 (no VAT to pay)

Download price: £12.00 (includes VAT)

Ensuring effective training for Local Safeguarding Adults Boards (SABs): Strategic Briefing

Ensuring effective training for Safeguarding Adults Boards (SABs): Strategic BriefingThe purpose of this briefing is to provide SAB chairs, board members and other relevant people with ideas as to how they can better assure themselves that adult safeguarding training, commissioned or delivered on their behalf is of good quality and promotes the transfer of learning into practice. It focuses on:

  • the context within which adult safeguarding training takes place.
  • the key challenges for training in adult safeguarding.
  • best practice in ensuring the transfer of training and learning into improved practice, and better outcomes for adults at risk.
  • best practice in evaluation of training so that SABs can improve their ability to know what difference their training and staff development activity is making.

Aimed at: Senior leaders, service leads and commissioners.

Paperback price: £10.00 (no VAT to pay)

Download price: £12.00 (includes VAT)

Sexual exploitation and mental health: Frontline Briefing

Sexual exploitation and mental health: Frontline BriefingLocal authorities have a responsibility to safeguard people from sexual exploitation. This publication explores the evidence relating to sexual exploitation and mental health and covers:

  • Signs of sexual exploitation.
  • How to effectively engage with people who are at risk of sexual exploitation.
  • The legislative and policy framework around sexual exploitation.
  • How to personalise approaches to balance best practice with the situation, capacity, needs and wishes of the individual.

Aimed at: Practitioners and managers.

Paperback price: £12.00 (no VAT to pay) 

Download price: £14.40 (includes VAT)

Working with complexity: Evidence Review

Working with complexity: Evidence ReviewWorking with people and their families is complex, and our family settings and situations are dynamic. Our aspiration with this Evidence Review is to explore some specific areas of complexity, identifying relevant research and highlighting good practice.

In this review we focus on four key areas of complexity: Helping families work with complexity; Complexity in working with the Mental Capacity Act 2005; Working with risk and Working across the life course with people who have a learning disability. Some of the themes across these four areas interlink, and you will see as you read how they are connected.

The review is intended to support, as well as to promote discussion. We hope you find it thought-provoking and that it encourages debate around how you work with people.

Aimed at: People providing services, managers, learning and development teams, higher education institutions, senior leaders and anyone with an interest in the evidence base for this sector.

Paperback price: £25.00 (no VAT to pay) 

Download price: £30.00 (includes VAT)

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