New Evidence Review on working with complexity

28 March 2018

New Evidence Review on working with complexity

Working with complexity: Evidence ReviewResearch in Practice for Adults (RiPfA) has released its latest publication - Working with complexity: Evidence Review.

Working with people and their families is complex, and our family settings and situations are dynamic. The Evidence Review aims to explore specific areas of complexity, identifying relevant research and highlighting good practice.

The review focuses on four key areas of complexity: Helping families work with complexity; Complexity in working with the Mental Capacity Act 2005; Working with risk and Working across the life course with people who have a learning disability. The themes across these four areas are interlinked throughout.

The publication is aimed at people providing services, managers, learning and development teams, higher education institutions, senior leaders and anyone with an interest in the evidence base for this sector. It intends to support as well as promote discussion.

Lisa Smith, Assistant Director of Research in Practice for Adults says:

‘The rationale for producing this review comes from the notion that as human beings we are by our very nature, complex. As individuals, within the world we inhabit with our families, friends, communities and beyond we all experience complexity in our lives. When we come into contact with services, life becomes further complicated, or at least it can feel that way. In developing this review, we wanted to enable the reader to see that with thought, care and the application of a good deal of evidence, complexity can feel less challenging and become more navigable.’

Developed over a period of eighteen months, the review was expertly overseen by the editor, Deirdre Ford, and originally conceived as part of the Delivery Programme consultation with the RiPfA Partner network.  

View the Evidence Review.

Read the working with complexity blog by Lisa Smith, Assistant Director of RiPfA.

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