Government consultation open - Knowledge and Skills Statement for social workers in adult services

04 December 2017

Department of HealthThe Department of Health is seeking views on the Knowledge and Skills Statement (KSS) for adult social work supervisors, to ensure it covers the key skills and knowledge needed to support high quality, reflective social work practice.

The views sought on the contents of the KSS for practice supervisors includes:

  • Whether the right knowledge and skills have been identified (and at what level);
  • The relationship with the KSS and the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF); and
  • Whether the proposed national requirements for assessment and accreditation of supervisors are appropriately designed and if the suggested period of time required for assessment is adequate.

The Department of Health is also seeking views on what more can be done to embed the KSS for social workers at the end of their Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE).

Answers from the consultation will help to further refine the KSS statement before being adopted as the post-qualifying standards against which social workers will be assessed. The deadline for responding is 5pm, Friday 26 January 2018.

The KSS is central to the Government’s drive to improve social work education, training and career development. The KSS is developed in partnership with social workers, educators, employers and user groups and aims to provide a consistent, practice-focused approach across the whole social work profession.

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