Celebrating World Social Work Day

18 March 2019

Celebrating World Social Work Day World Social Work Day sees professionals worldwide celebrate achievements from across the sector.  

To support this year’s theme of ‘Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships’, Research in Practice for Adults has released an open access recorded webinar – Critically reflective practice: Making sense of uncertainty.

Engaging in reflective practice can improve the work we do and enable us to develop our own confidence and resilience. The session aims to support practitioners to recognise what they need from supervisors and leaders in order to engage in reflective practice, as well as developing strategies to support the development of their own reflective practice skills.

The webinar is accompanied by a blog from the presenter, Gerry Nosowska, highlighting the importance of critical reflection and how making good judgements with and for people is the essence of social care.

Watch the webinar (open access).

Read the critically reflective practice blog (open access).

Find out more about World Social Work Day.

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