Celebrating World Social Work Day: ‘Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability’

20 March 2018

World Social Work DayThis year’s World Social Work Day 2018 highlights ‘Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability’.

To celebrate World Social Work Day (WSWD), Research in Practice for Adults (RiPfA) has made the Research and Policy Update (RPU) and Case Law and Legal Summaries (CLLS) open access to view until 31st March. This month’s edition of the RPU focuses on recruitment and retention in social care including information on the challenges that the profession faces. The CLLS this month features three cases and the latest news and guidance.

WSWD is an opportunity for social workers across the world to stand together and celebrate the achievements of their profession throughout the year. It promotes the contribution that social work has on wider society and the role it plays in helping individuals, families and their communities. The day is also an opportunity for professionals to raise awareness of key issues for the sector.

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View the RPU (open access until 31st March)

View the CLLS (open access until 31st March)

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