Carers action plan 2018 - 2020

13 June 2018

Department of Health and Social CareThe Department of Health and Social Care has published a cross-Government action plan outlining a programme of support for carers over the next two years. The plan draws on responses to the 2016 Carers strategy: call for evidence and is structured around the following themes: 

  • services and systems that work for carers.
  • employment and financial wellbeing.
  • supporting young carers.
  • recognising and supporting carers in the wider community and society.
  • building research and evidence to improve the outcomes for carers. 

A number of organisations including Carers UK and the Local Government Association have welcomed the publication, acknowledging that the plan provides positive short term measures for carers. However, there was disappointment that it did not go further to deliver financial support and it is hoped this will be addressed in the forthcoming Green Paper on social care. 

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