CQC releases 'Beyond Barriers' report

09 July 2018

Care Quality CommissionThe Care Quality Commission has published findings of a review into how older people move between health and social care services. The ‘Beyond Barriers’ report reviews 20 local health and care systems to see how well services are integrating.  

The findings showed that services:

  • Intended to work together but mostly focused on their own goals.
  • Did not always share information on people’s care.
  • Were not prioritising services that keep people well at home.
  • Showed good planning between each organisation but the way services were funded did not support them to work together.
  • Tended to prioritise their own goals over shared responsibility.
  • Planned their workforce in isolation to other services.

The report makes a number of recommendations including long-term funding reform to allow health and social care services to pool their resources and meet the needs of their local population. The Local Government Association has shown support for the recommendations providing the required funding is received.

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