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Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards to Liberty Protection Safeguards

Liberty Protection Safeguards poses some questions for reflection as we prepare to move forward to this ‘brave new world’.

Embedding human rights in adult social care

The universal protection of people’s rights is fundamental to adult social care practice. A human rights approach counters any national or global tendency towards the creation of a ‘hierarchy of humanity’ which treats some as less than human.

New landscapes in social care workforce planning

What are the challenges facing the adult social care workforce and what new roles and approaches are emerging as services strive to adapt and evolve?

Devolution and user involvement

Peter Beresford, speaker at our upcoming Leaders’ Forum, looks back at the existing evidence on devolution and participation, and how this may work in practice.

Supporting transitions from hospital to home

Lisa Smith, Research and Development Manager at RiPfA, discusses the latest NICE guideline, reflects on the need for it, along with the development process, and looks at how it could be instrumental to support best practice in this area.

Link Officer of the Year: top tips for promoting evidence-informed practice

Deborah Towle is a Senior Intelligence Officer within the Directorate for People’s Commissioning Centre of Excellence at Birmingham City Council. One of her responsibilities is to support the development of evidence informed policy and practice. As the winner of RiPfA’s Link Officer of the Year 2015, Deborah discusses her top tips for promoting evidence-informed practice in her organisation.

Reimagining social care – where would we start?

David Walden CBE is the Editor of RiPfA’s newly launched Evidence Review: Reimagining Adult Social Care. With extensive experience in both policy and service provision across central government, national agencies and delivery organisations, he is well-placed to give an overview of the issues facing social care, and how we could start again, using the evidence we have available in order to build a new system of care from scratch. In this article - the first of a week-long series of blogs giving an insight into the topics covered by the review - he introduces the challenges and discusses some of the potential solutions.

Making young adult carers’ rights a reality

How can we support the rights of young adult carers? Chloe Alexander, Policy & Campaigns Officer (Young Carers & Young Adult Carers) at the Carers Trust, discusses the implementation of the Care Act and the Children and Families Act, and how we can support young adult carers’ transition to adulthood.

Our first partner; Devon County Council’s ten years of RiPfA

As one of the first Partners of Research in Practice for Adults, Devon County Council has grown and developed alongside RiPfA for over ten years. Here Tish Elliott, Workforce Development Advisor for Adult Social Care at Devon County Council discusses the social care sector and their time as a Partner of RiPfA on its tenth anniversary.

Celebrating 10 years of Research in Practice for Adults

Much changes over time – and some things hardly seem to change. How true this is of RiPfA, as it celebrates its 10th birthday. Celia Atherton is the Director of Social Justice at the Dartington Hall Trust, which fundamentally concentrates on promoting greater fairness within society. Having led Research in Practice for Adults since its conception in 2005, and as it celebrates its tenth year of service, Celia reflects on how the sector has changed over the last ten years.

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